References shmeferences….

I had another brilliant meeting with my mentor this morning, who has been coaching me through the application process for my PhD and helping me to get organised and (almost) ready to start my actual research journey.

We talked this morning a lot about reference managing tools, which is definitely useful, but also somewhat mind boggling. I played around with Mendeley a bit a few weeks ago and managed to, rather haphazardly, start a small library of articles, books and web pages that I think will be useful. However, there seem to be a million useful features in Mendeley, none of which I have managed to get working, plus I can’t seem to get the Chrome plug in widget thingamy working, which means I have been entering all the information manually, which kind of seems to negate the point, no?

Anyhoooo, so my mentor suggested EndNote as a simpler and more robust tool for doing this, so I have booked myself on a training course in November and am mentally preparing to get my head wrapped around it without too much bafflement. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has experience with both/either and to hear what your preferences or key tips are?

Any advice would be very helpful.


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