My first citation – a boost for publication motivation

General excuses

Hello all, and first an apology for leaving it a whole month between posts. The last 4 weeks have been super hectic, with my day job being very intense after taking on a new area of work and trying to put more time into my PhD research. However, I have some research days scheduled between now and Christmas which will help, and am planning to aim for a blog post each week to keep me on track.

Hurrah for my first citation!

Some great news today – I have received my first ever official citation! As part of #impactchallenge throughout November from @ImpactStory I decided to update my Google Scholar, ResearchGate and profiles today, and noticed that, where there has always been a big fat zero before on my citation count, there is now a lovely shiny number 1!

The citation comes from an article by Steven Ovadia called ResearchGate and Academic Social Networks published in Behavioral and Social Sciences Librarian. I am particularly happy about this as I do a lot of work with the Computing and Library Services department at Huddersfield and love working with the librarian community, so it means a lot to be cited by one of their own. 🙂

The joy of reaching your target audience

Although the citation would be regarded by many as a small nod at a relatively short article, I’m sure many researchers out there will remember the excitement they felt at finally seeing the publishing process come full circle on a piece of their work. It is rewarding to know that your work is being read by people, and particularly lovely to see that people within a field you have a keen interest in are actually finding your work of some use. On that note, a big shout out to @graham_stone for supporting me in submitting the article in the first place, you have been a great help.

Seeing this has certainly buoyed me up and inspired me to hopefully publish more work in the near future. Watch this space!


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